June 1st 9 PM @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal (w/Aarmadillo)

Past Shows


April 24th 9PM @Sala Rossa, Montreal: Howl! Missing justice benefit: ari swan/jessica moss/chouer maha. More info here.

March 20th 8:30 PM @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal: Artists Contre la Brutalite Policiere II (w/nick schofield / stefan christoff (rêves sonores à Montréal) More info here.


September 20th 2PM @ Empire Exchange, Montreal (CKUT Showcase @ Pop Montreal)

September 17th 10PM @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal (Cabelli Presente showcase @ Pop Montreal w/ Ami Dang + The World Provider + Uaxyacac)

September 17th 7PM @ Nouveux Palais, Montreal (Passovah Showcase @ Pop Montreal)

August 22nd 9PM @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal (Passovah Summer Festival)

July 24th 9PM @ The Rocket Science Room Loft, Montreal (w/Miss Emily Brown)

June 18th 10 PM @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal (Suoni per il Popolo festival w/ Howie

Reeve + Trembling Bells)

June 12th 12PM @ The Jewish General Jazz Festival, Montreal

May 26th 10 PM @ La Sala Rossa Restaurant, Montreal (Island Frequencies concert

series w/Panachrome + L’appel Du Vide)

May 16th 11PM @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal (One Man Band Festival)

January 18th 9PM @ Resonance Café, Montreal (w/ Friends of Freedom)

January 6th 9 PM @ Casa Del Popolo, Montreal (w/Charlotte Cornfield + The Keys)


September 26th 12 PM @ Divan Orange, Montreal (CJLO Showcase @ Pop Montreal w/Child Actor + Hellenica)

September 19th 9 PM @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal (Passobah & Blue Skys Turn Black present Symphony Plastique EP release party w/ Ohara + Pietro Amato & Matthieu Charbennau (mem. Luyas)

August 9th 11 PM @ Il Motore, Montreal (Passovah Summer Festival)

June 15th 3 PM @  Infringement Festival

April 27th 4 PM @ La Plante, Montreal (Common House Collective Showcase)

March 15th 5:30 PM @ The American Folk Art Museum, New York, NY (Free Music Friday Showcase)

March 15th 9 PM @ Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn, NY (w/ Chimneys and Ben Seratin)


December 18th 9 PM @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal (w/Ohara + Ingrid Gatin)

December 8th 9 PM @ Le Cagibi, Montreal (w/Heirloom + Mind That Bird)

November 25th 10 PM @ La Tour Prisme, Montreal (w/Dylan Perkons)

September 28th 9 PM @ Shaika Café, Montreal (w/Brittany Kwasnik + Meghan Morrison + Heather Hill)

July 19th 8 PM @ Shaika Café, Montreal (w/ Corey Isenor)

July 1st 3 PM @ Eglise Saint Brigide de Kildare, Montreal (Rope + Thread =ISM exhibition)

June 30th 3 PM @ The Ukrainian Federation, Montreal (Rock Camp for Girls Fundraiser)

June 21st 10 PM @ Barfly (Infringement Festival)

May 11th 10 PM @ Mainland Theatre (Folk Music Hootenanny)

April 13th 9 PM @ La Tour Prisme (w/ Doug Keith + Marisa Anderson)

April 7th 9 PM @ Le Cagibi (w/Heirloom)


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