Arts education has been proven time and time again to be an effective intervention for almost anything you can imagine. Mental and physical health, disengagement with school, the effects of fighting social marginalization are all assuaged by arts education. So we all agree about it’s importance; now what? As a music educator, performer, and non-profit strategist I am dedicated to supporting arts initiatives that move beyond old narratives and look for innovative and just ways to work towards an equitable society.

I am a graduate of McGill’s music education master’s program, where I focused on working with cross-sector, interdisciplinary partnerships in the community. I am a teacher with Encore! Sistema Quebec, where we focus on creating an anti-oppressive teaching environment to teach string pedagogy. In addition to my work as a music educator, I am a coordinator and strategist with a Montreal non-profit and freelance consultant focusing on how to implement strategies that create and maintain successful program partnerships.